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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist at Salesforce Consulting Group

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform that helps you to bring out the most from automated marketing tools. This is done by developing integrated solutions based on the journey of clients and a personalised marketing approach. Salesforce Consulting Group offers innovative salesforce marketing cloud services that involve a complete marketing suite including the essential tools like campaign management, intuitive channel and efficient CRM.

Personalization with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud incredibly helps your business grow no matter what industry you are based in. We can create bespoke marketing strategies for your customers so that they feel valued.

Our team can also help you in refining the journey of customers and extract meaningful insights based on the client’s behaviour. This further helps to maximise your efforts for meeting the marketing goals of your business.

Our company is happy to simplify the communication process with your targeted audience by allowing track trends, published content and engage with the customers across each social media platform.

What Benefits do Salesforce Marketing Cloud Offers?

The platform of Salesforce offers an exceptional marketing cloud that helps in getting connected with the customers through multiple channels. The purpose is to bring all the processes together on one platform. Considering the emerging demands, the marketing team can work more efficiently by increasing their productivity, intelligence and interaction with other companies. The Salesforce marketing cloud is the best platform for marketing purposes and alongside, offers abundant possibilities to connect Sales, Marketing and Call Centre.

Marketing Cloud Connects with your Customer Base

We can help you stay connected through marketing automation and journeys by employing the best solutions. This helps in finding and getting connected to your clients and prospects. The marketing cloud connect a business with its customer base by building a long-lasting and profitable relationship. The data-driven communication process helps in establishing value. Our team helps in generating measurable data by increasing the interaction with your customers. This data is required for running inspirational campaigns and thereby converting the same. Our Salesforce marketing cloud connect you to the best experts who can implement, create, automate, support, manage and optimize your business process.

Meet the Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

At Salesforce Consulting Group, we are the leading service provider in the industry. Our salesforce marketing cloud consultant are simply specialists in their domain and help in developing the desired marketing applications. We work by:

  • Refining the solutions designed in the process of sales for meeting insights gained in the project.

  • Working with other experts to implement highly complex data-driven integrations.

  • Capturing insights from ongoing solutions to refine processes and the work effort required for achieving client success.

Meet the Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Our salesforce marketing cloud consultant can offer the best implementation process along with increasing business intelligence, support and analysis that are essential for the successful achievement of CRM strategy and associated goals. Salesforce Consulting Group is a trusted salesforce marketing cloud connector that offers its incredible services to businesses which are in need of establishing robust customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Being the best salesforce development company, we provide state-of-the-art services through which you can optimise various processes of your business. Our salesforce marketing cloud consultant follows a customer-centric approach to provide end-to-end solutions. We are proud to have the best technology experts and it is one of the key reasons why our company is a favourable source for many companies.  

Discover a marketing platform like no other. Engage with customers in an entirely new way. Marketing clouds covers customer pipeline engagement, email, mobile, social, advertisement, emails, and data analysis. Help your company make the most of its marketing resources with clear goals and get a full picture of your data.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Email Studio

Reach customers on any device using stunning custom messages. Drag and drop interface makes it easy for marketing teams to create their own email campaigns. Use automation to create personalized customer experience and analyze data to deliver better results.


Provide your teams with a full scale analytics to email, social, advertisements, web, and sales platforms. Use Salesforce vast library of API to integrate different channels. Use data for custom reports that are easy for marketers to follow.

Social Studio

Combine all social media platforms into one serviceable UI. Map Social accounts to customer records. Measure social insights and data for each campaign. Link Datorama and Einstein and use your data and adjust metrics in real-time.

Mobile Studio

Create customized messaging campaigns with precision. Make templates for auto text responses, email campaigns, and MMS. Use automation to create profiles and provide insight for each potential client for marketers to deliver the right content to the right client.

Interaction Studio

Identify your customer market. Figure out new trends and customer needs. Use data metrics such as click behavior. Capture meta data and product information. Get help from AI to make easy business decisions that work for more customer engagement.


Discover a lead management tool that delivers laser focus to marketing campaigns. Create high engagement funnels for your custom landing pages. See your SEO and SEM data in real time and create a focus driven marketing strategy.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How it works

Take a quick look on how Sales Marketing works and see if it's a fit for your company

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

Salesforce provides different price levels for companies of different sizes.

Starting at $12,500/ Month
  • Unified Profiles

  • Super Message

  • Segment Publish

  • Engagement Events

Email, Mobile and Web
  • Subscriber Profiles

  • Drag-and-Drop Segmentation 

  • Subscriber Preference Management

  • Content Management and Workflows

  • Mobile-Optimized Email Templates

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • A/B Testing

  • Personalization Tools 

  • Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud 

Starting at $400/ Month
Social Studio
  • Salesforce CRM Integration/Connectivity 

  • Brand Listening and Engagement 

  • Community Engagement and Social Care 

  • Monthly Mentions 

  • Social Listening and Analysis 

  • Social Accounts 

  • Automate Posts, Updates, and Messages

  • Social Listening and Analysis 

  • Sentiment Insights 

  • Spam Detection 

  • Language Insights 

  • Influencer Score 

  • Post Classification 

Starting at $1,000 / Month
  • Marketplace 

  • Data Integration Engine 

  • Harmonization Center 

  • Data Visualization & AI Insights

  • 10 Users

  • 3M Rows

Starting at $3,000 / Month
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Our Certified Salesforce Experts and Consultants are fully equipped in creating customizable features that can fully utilize the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We provide a robust and dynamic service for our customers that need extra attention to detail. We make sure your implementation is completed on time and on budget.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows for forecasting in order to reach the right customers. Utilize full integrated data analysis. Get a comprehensive picture of campaign costs and lead generation before you begin any new campaign.

Market Research

Update all your social media posts all in one simple UI. Salesforce marketing cloud has the capability of merging all your social media into one platform. Save time and money creating campaigns that can be implemented at a push of a button.

Social Integration

Engage clients in more meaningful ways. Each message can be personalized using Salesforce Einstein AI. Capture customer behavior in real time and provide the most up to date data.

Customer Personalization

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